Drinking With Tom: SPW Edition!

Hey Colgate! Welcome to the second and final edition of Drinkin’ with Tom! That’s right, no food in this article, just a bunch of great drink recipes for Spring Party Weekend 2005! I hope you all enjoy these fun drinks I found, but, of course, enjoy them in moderation (please read with heavy sarcasm). I hope to see you all out and about this weekend enjoying the festivities!

Hand Grenade 1 fresh pineapple liter of Vodka liter of lemon-lime sodaCut the pineapple into thin three-inch long slices. Put into a large bowl and cover with the vodka and lemon-lime soda. Let the pineapple slices marinate over night. When you are ready to party, take the mixture out and put the slices of pineapple into a shot glass. Fill the shot glass with the liquid left in the bowl. When you are taking the shot, first bite down and chew on the pineapple slice; then take the shot while the pineapple is still in your mouth. Swallow all at once for a “blast” of great flavor.

Firebomb1/3 oz. Vodka1/3 oz. Tequila1/3 oz. Jack DanielsTabascoLayer the liquor as it is listed in the recipe. Top with a few drops of tabasco sauce. When everything is ready, light the shot on fire and take while still flaming. Be careful and enjoy.

Blue Polar Bear1/3 oz. Vodka1/3 oz. Peppermint Schnapps1/3 oz. Blue CuracaoPut the ingredients together in a shaker and shake over ice until cold. Pour into shot glasses and serve cold.

Flaming B-521/3 oz. Kahlua1/3 oz. Irish Cream1/3 oz. Triple SecLayer the ingredients in a shot glass with the Triple Sec on top. Light the triple sec on fire and take down while still flaming.

Rainbow Sherbet2 oz. Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum4 oz. Orange Juice oz. GrenadineCombine all the ingredients over ice and shake till the grenadine is combined with the rum and orange juice. Sip cold for a great drink that tastes like the title!

Blue Balls1/3 oz. Blue Curacao1/3 oz. Malibu1/3 oz. Peach SchnappsLemon juiceCombine all the ingredients over ice and shake until cold.

Peach Margarita2 oz. Tequila1 oz. Triple Sec1 oz. Peach Schnapps3 oz. Sour Mix1 oz. Lemon-lime sodaLime juiceCombine all ingredients in shaker over ice and shake until cold. Pour into salt-rimmed glass and garnish with a few slices of lime.

Jolly Rancher1 oz. Raspberry Vodka1 oz. Orange Vodka1 oz. Watermelon Pucker1 oz. sour mixCombine all ingredients over ice and shake until cold. This drink can be served as a shot, over ice or as a fruity martini.

I hope that those of you of proper age responsibly enjoy this weekend and this assortment of drinks (again, read with heavy sarcasm). Good luck this weekend, stay safe and avoid the clap.Until next week,Eat – well, this weekend just drink – and be merry!