IM Softball Fever Continues To Spread

The first week-and-a-half of intramural softball has seen tremendous hits, sensational fielding and the typical slow, easily-hittable pitching that Colgate students love to take advantage of. Wednesday, April 6 marked the start of the season with games taking place in Leagues A, B and F.

The story of League A so far this season has been an intramural mainstay, Theta Chi A. Experience and team chemistry has paid off early in the year for Theta Chi A, as it currently sits on top of the league after wins over Sigma Chi A, Main Moon and Colgate Hockey in the first week of play.

Despite losses to Theta Chi A, Sigma Chi A and Colgate Hockey stand tied for second in the league with 2-1 records. Sigma Chi A had an easy go of it on Monday by defeating Team Ill-Nana and Main Moon by combined score of 40-14 to move to 2-1. Colgate Hockey knocked off Team Ill-Nana and Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) A just as easily to secure a tie for second.

League A is rounded out by DKE A and Main Moon, each at 1-2, and Team Ill-Nana at 0-3.

There have been no surprises in League B after the first week of play as the preseason favorites, the Yo Mets A and Sigma Chi B, both remain undefeated. The Yo Mets A are 3-0 after defeating That is All and Phi Delta Theta (Phi Delt) by a combined 32-1 margin and narrowly holding off The Dream Team by a 9-8 score.

Sigma Chi B sits a half-game back at 2-0 after victories over Phi Delt (13-12) and That is All (16-5) in the first week of play. The rest of the league sees Lambda Lambda Lambda at 1-0, The Dream Team at 1-2, Phi Delt at 0-2 and That is All at 0-3.

Tuesday marked the start of play in League C with preseason league favorite and defending Division I Champion Phi Kappa Tau (Phi Tau) A moving to the top of the standings. Phi Tau A scored 43 runs in its first two game, enabling it to garner victories over DKE B and Phi Tau B.

After a 20-5 trouncing of the Brothers, Beta Theta Pi (Beta) A took second place in the league at 1-0. Despite the opening-game loss, the Brothers won a low-scoring 7-3 game over DKE B to move to 1-1 on the season. Phi Tau B (0-1) and DKE B (0-2) currently sit at the bottom of League C.

The race in League D was still wide open as of Wednesday. The Parker Apartment Sluggers and the Great Colgate Ballers took the early lead in the league standings after defeating Chico’s Bail Bonds and Theta Chi G, respectively, to move to 1-0 on the season.

The idle Diabeatings, who were scheduled to play their first games of the season as part of a Thursday doubleheader, were in third place coming into the week, a half-game ahead of Chico’s Bail Bonds and Theta Chi G.

The League E leader board has an interesting contrast of intramural experience, as the senior-laden Yo Mets Little Urban Achievers (Yo Mets LUA) and the first-year-laden Bishop Don West Glide sit atop the league standings.

Yo Mets LUA took an 18-4 decision over Magnum last week, while Bishop Don West Glide was just as ruthless in its 23-4 defeat of Jason.

The Panty Raiders also sit at 1-0 in the league after a forfeit win over the Regulators. Heading into Wednesday’s action, Magnum, Jason and the Regulators were tied for fourth in the league.

No single team emerged as a force to be reckoned with Iin the first week of League F play.

The Sliding Salamanders (1-0) claimed a share of first place after an 8-1 victory over the Lolligaggers. Also atop the league after last week was the 1-0 Chemically Imbalanced squad, which defeated Chuggers & Sluggers, 20-3.

Gamma Phi Beta followed up a 11-10 victory over Colgate Christian Fellowship with a forfeit loss against Chuggers & Sluggers, moving the team into third place in the league at 1-1.Chuggers & Sluggers (1-2), the Lolligaggers (0-1) and Colgate Christian Fellowship (0-1) round out the League F standings.