Administration Should Shut Down Palace Theater

To the Editor:

I am awaiting the imminent announcement of Colgate shutting down the Palace Theater for at least a year due to the eight stabbings that just occurred there.After all if Colgate is consistent, and not just anti-Greek, as they claim, consider this: DKE was shut down for a year when an accident occurred due to a member (who did not get drunk at a party at the house, but rather downtown) had a car accident on Colgate property.ATO was suspended for four years, due to a fight that took place on their front lawn involving some ATOs and some non-ATOs. No one was stabbed.

KDR was effectively removed from campus due to a hazing incident. No one was stabbed.So to follow the Colgate past practice, it is clear that the Palace Theater should be shut down for at least a year, and the people or the organization that controls the facility should be banned from campus

But … do you think the fact that Colgate owns it and derives income from these parties will cause a different reaction, or perhaps no reaction at all

Time will tell.

So will Colgate shut down the Palace and suspend those administrators who were involved in the rental of the facilities?

Don’t hold your breathe.