Errors in the Outfield

As it begins a new season, Colgate’s women’s softball team remains without a playable home field. Due to improper maintenance, the team has been unable to use the field. This past weekend’s game against Bucknell was cancelled on account of the weather, but had it not been, the team would not have been able to play on their home field. The softball field is not actually owned by Colgate University but by Hamilton village. Thus, it is maintained by an outside source rather than Buildings and Grounds. In addition, the field is shared with other recreational sports groups, such as Little League.The field is located off campus, two miles away on Eaton Street. As a result of the poor maintenance, the softball team has been forced to play its games on the high school’s field. Not only is a high school field incomparable to standard college facilities, but it also poses a health risk, as one player was injured last year by the rusty metal fence in the outfield.The lack of a home playing field puts Colgate women’s softball at a significant disadvantage to other teams in the Patriot League. Women’s softball is the only Patriot League team without a proper playing field and the only Colgate Varsity team to lack an adequate facility. The field has been a problem for women’s softball for some time now. Efforts are being made to secure a new turf field, but for now, the team will have to do its best to manage without one.The softball team is upset with the current situation.”We put time and effort into the sport, but we can’t get a facility,” junior Erin Hanna said. “We feel underappreciated.”Colgate has been the only Patriot League team not on the field since its tournament in Florida over spring break. They currently practice in Sanford Field House, putting them at a competitive disadvantage compared to other Patriot League teams, which all have better facilities. Colgate softball’s first game of the season was played against Army, who just spent one million dollars for a new facility. The team hopes that the situation will improve next season as it works to overcome the present challenges caused by the unplayable field.