Racially Insensitive Facebook Group Needs To Go

To The Editors:

Knowing what the editorial staff is going through this week with the State of the ‘Gate consuming every waking hour of their existence, I thought I would take the time to, in the words of Dean Weinberg, “start a conversation.” All I want to do is shed light on a subject, and leave it up to the current student body to discuss. So here goes nothing.

If you are a member of thefacebook.com, a great website that lets Colgate students connect with their friends and – good grief! – freely associate, I highly encourage you to follow these simple instructions: log in, and do a group search with these words: “light-skin is evil.”

Then discuss amongst yourselves. I’ve already gone through the process of confronting racial issues at Colgate. In the spring of my first year, when Al Sharpton came to campus, I’m proud to say that I had a lengthy dialogue with Keith Brooks ’01, then a student leader in a few African-American student groups at Colgate, about black leadership in America. I encourage all of you to use this online case of blatant bigotry to find out more about yourselves and your classmates – especially the ones you don’t necessarily talk to every day.

The members of “Light-skin is evil” should be confronted, and asked what is right about them forming such an openly ignorant association.