US Court Rescinds F.A.C.T. Lawsuit

To the Editor:

I would like to clarify a few things regarding F.A.C.T.

If the United States Court system, whose only job is to interpret and uphold the Constitution, refused to hear the First Amendment lawsuit brought by DKE, why is this still the basis of F.A.C.T.’s argument? F.A.C.T. has no foundation on which to stand. Any academically-inclined member of the Colgate community should see their message as unintelligent and ignorant.

If Colgate is, in fact, adding three residential Greek houses – making this the first time in over ten years that Greek houses have been added to the row – why does F.A.C.T. claim violation of their right to assemble? More Greek students will have recognized houses next year after the acquisitions are finalized than in this year. F.A.C.T. either does not pay attention to what actually is happening on Broad Street, or they are picking and choosing what information is relevant to their argument. F.A.C.T. should be praising Colgate for adding to the residential and social hegemony of the Greek system rather than trying to destroy it.

These appear to be simple observations; so, please, think twice before you support an organization that is so blatantly misrepresenting the truth.

Kevin Fuerst ’05