Another Year, Another AVD

This week, Colgate hosted 169 accepted students of the Class of 2009 overnight in the first session of its annual April Visit Days (AVD).

“We want to offer an all-encompassing view of campus and the Colgate experience, so that students can obtain a greater understanding of what Colgate has to offer,” Coordinator of AVD Assistant Dean of Admission Stephen Silversides said. “The prospective students seemed pretty happy, and many expressed the desire to return in the fall. I think that the program went really well.”

The first round of AVD went extremely well.

“Everyone was very pleased,” Dean of Admissions Gary Ross said. “I didn’t hear anything less than impressive comments.”

Accepted students were invited to participate in a wide variety of activities, providing them with a clear insight into the Colgate experience.

On Tuesday, April 12, prospective students arrived on campus between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. They were able to take a tour of campus; attend a welcoming session given by Ross, University President Rebecca Chopp, Associate Dean of the Faculty Jill Tiefenthaler, Dean of the College Adam Weinberg and students; and sit in on information sessions regarding the academic programs available, study groups, health science program, graduate and career planning, residential options and arts and humanities outside of the classroom.

At 5:30 p.m., students met their hosts, which were first- or second-year students living on the hill who were recruited by the coordinators of the Hosting Program, seniors Dave E. Thomas and Laura Chadderdon. A special dinner at Starr Rink was offered, followed by a variety of evening activities sponsored by the First-Year Class Council.

Events included an a cappella concert featuring the Colgate 13, Discords, Resolutions and Swinging ‘Gates, free Dunkin Donuts at the Edge with a musical performance by Stillman and a presentation by the comedy group, Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company, which was sponsored by Charred Goosebeak.

On Wednesday morning, prospective students could attend classes while several lectures were offered for parents. The AVD program ended in the afternoon with Colgate’s traditional ice-cream social at Donovan’s Pub.

“The students that I met were truly reflective of their outstanding applications,” Ross said. “Aside from their academic achievements, the students also demonstrated a great enthusiasm for Colgate and have the potential to impact Colgate in enormous ways in and out of the classroom. After spending the winter with my colleagues in the Admissions Office, reading about the magnificent achievements that these young men and women have accomplished through their high school years, it is a joy to meet the individuals behind the applications and imagine all the exciting possibilities that could be a part of their Colgate experience.”

The accepted students who chose to participate in AVD represented a small portion of the 2,127 admitted students. This year Colgate received a record 8,007 applicants, producing an acceptance rate of 26.6 percent. The acceptance rate for the class of 2008 was 33.3 percent.

Accepted students in the class of 2009 had a slightly higher average SAT than the Class of 2008, 391 to 1383, and a higher grade point average, 3.70 to 3.69. Ninety-four percent of admitted students were in the top 20 percent of their high school classes.

In terms of diversity, multicultural students make up 24.2 percent of the admitted class, and 86 international students were accepted from a span of 61 countries. Geographically, the admitted students are fairly well-spread, with 27 percent from New York, 24 percent from the Mid-Atlantic, 16 percent from New England, 15 percent from the West and Southwest, eight percent from the Midwest, five percent from the Southeast and five percent international.

According to Ross, the Class of 2009 has great potential to become the strongest class in Colgate’s history.

A second session of AVD will occur next Tuesday and Wednesday when Colgate will host a larger group of around 250 students. Preparations and improvements are still underway by the Admissions staff.

The second session will be nearly identical to the first session, but with different evening events. There will be another a cappella concert; a presentation by comedian Ernie G, sponsored by LASO, ALANA, and the Admissions Office; and a performance by Charred Goosebeak.