Sunny Skies And Home Runs Abound On Whitnall Field

With the intramural softball season kicking off on Wednesday in the sultry 70-degree heat of Whitnall Field, there are many teams vying for the Division I and Division II Intramural Softball Championships.League A is typically the powerhouse league in any intramural sport, and the story is no different in softball.Three talented fraternities, Theta Chi A, Sigma Chi A and Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE), will slug it out on the diamond, but it could be the non-Greek teams that create the biggest stir in the league. Team Ill-Nana and Main Moon both have rosters with varsity athletes, but the favorite going into the season is Colgate Hockey, a team that will look to run up the score on any weak pitching that it encounters.In League B, an array of teams look to take advantage of any League A weaknesses and garner a high seed in the postseason tournament.The league is highlighted by the intramural darlings, Yo Mets A. Despite plenty of publicity, the other League B teams will not be phased by the Yo Mets’ intramural celebrity status. Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Chi B, Lambda Lambda Lambda, That Is All and The Dream Team all look to make their marks on the league. Despite the quality of competition, Yo Mets A is still the early favorite to win the league.League C, the so-called “Late Entry League” because all of the teams entered intramural competition after the deadline, will likely be the most surprising and unpredictable out of the six leagues.Phi Kappa Tau (Phi Tau) A, the defending champion from last year’s Division I Tournament, is easily the preseason favorite in this league. Despite their past dominance, the defending champs should not overlook teams such as DKE B, the Brothers and Beta Theta Pi A. The fifth team in League C, Phi Tau B, will likely not have the talent to keep up with its brothers on the A team.League D contains perhaps the most eclectic group of players out of the six leagues.The defending Division II basketball champions, the Great Colgate Ballers, look to make another major statement on the Colgate sports scene this spring with its roster filled with first-years. The Diabeatings, the Cinderella story from intramural dodgeball, look to avenge a championship loss in the winter by taking the Division II Championship this spring. Theta Chi G represents the Greek community in the league, while Chico’s Bail Bonds and the Parker Apartment Sluggers look to make names for themselves on the Whitnall diamond. The Great Colgate Ballers are the early pick to win League D.If you are already sick of the Yo Mets, it may be best to avoid watching any League E games.The Yo Mets Little Urban Achievers, a subsidiary of their namesake, are the early League E favorites going into the season. The Regulators and the Panty Raiders, both perennial intramural mainstays, look to continue their intramural success. Rounding out the league are Jason, Magnum and Bishop Don West Glide, but it appears that none of these teams will pose a great challenge to the newest Yo Mets squad.The League F race may come down to the final week of the season, as any of the six squads could emerge on top at year’s end.The Lolligaggers, a runner-up in this year’s intramural volleyball tournament, stand as the only staff/faculty team in the league. Gamma Phi Beta represents the Greek community, the religious community is represented by the Colgate Christian Fellowship and the independent community by Chuggers & Sluggers, the Sliding Salamanders and Chemically Imbalanced. In the preseason, Chemically Imbalanced looks to fight through the elements and take the League F crown.With the season yet to begin, Colgate Hockey and the Yo Mets Little Urban Achievers are the early picks to take home the Division I and Division II championships, respectively.