Reader Slams “Poor Quality” of Colgate Review

To The Editor: Recently I found a stack of makeshift papers outside of my fraternity. These crate paper pamphlets looked like my elementary school paper and had “AntiTrust 101” on the cover. They were regarding the Delta Kappa Epsilon lawsuit. The piss poor quality of the paper didn’t bother me nearly as much as the content. It reads like it was written by a 70-year-old bigot. The opening page echoed Senator McCarthy stating that we need to abolish the “Soviet-style policies of college administrators.” The rest of the paper reads along the same lines, crying out for a return to conservative norms on campus. First of all, nobody put a gun to your head to come to Colgate. It is a liberal arts school that exposes students to perspectives that are not shoved into our mouths by the media and the rest of America. A liberal arts education challenges traditional norms and expands the minds of its students by doing so.DKE is making a joke out of itself. It’s disgruntled at the school for taking its house, so in retaliation it has decided to attack the school’s credibility. In this manner the fraternity is demonstrating the same conservative practices which it holds so dearly. Hiring an advertising firm to advocate this claim against liberal orthodoxy? Give me a break, that just shows you that people can argue for anything with enough money. Transfer if you are so against Colgate’s practices. Colgate is one of the top 20 liberal arts schools in the country; it must be doing something right. The last thing we need is 2,500 George W. Bush’s running around this school with their collars up. If another one of these Nazi papers comes to my house, I will burn them. Also, the editor of this “Antitrust 101” is a first-year, probably because no one in DKE has enough brass to step up to the plate and back up their unfounded accusations. Instead of 50 Cent, I hear DKE is bringing Rush Limbaugh to give a conservative sermon in their temple. Give me a break. I am sick of your whining.

Ben Evans ’06