Krummey’s Attack On The “Liberal Media” Is Unfounded

To the Editor:

Scott Krummey, in his comprehensive attack on some vast liberal conspiracy, cites the conclusion of one group: the Media Research Center. You may ask yourself, who is this apolitical group dedicated to fairness and accuracy in the media? Well, it’s the brainchild of Brent Bozell, who happens to be a right-hand man and colleague to the group responsible for outing Spongebob Squarepants as the flaming gay he is. Other headlines and examples of “liberal bias” on the group’s site include condemning CBS for labeling USANext a “smear” campaign (USANext has run an ad campaign claiming that the AARP’s main agenda is legalize gay marriage). The Media Research Center is basically a project funded by Republican interests to spread the idea among the naive that news media is so very liberal, when in fact it is not. Congratulations Mr. Krummey; enjoy snacking on the delicious bait. Using the Media Research Center as a source to determine media bias is like forming one’s opinion on hair styles from the sagacious mouth of Ted Koppel. The evil-liberal Ted Koppel!

Adam Berkowitz ’00