MSA Raises Money for Displaced Tribes

On Saturday, March 5, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) held a banquet to raise money for an Amnesty International program in Sudan. Although MSA has only ten members, they were able to raise $400 from the event. “It is really important to remember [that] … MSA put together an event on the level of groups that have a lot more members,” Instructor in History Noor Khan said.MSA is donating the money to Salva Dut, a man associated with Amnesty International, who plans on traveling to Sudan to help resettle the tribes who have been disrupted and relocated due to the war. He will build wells that will help end the draught that is causing the tribes to lose their homes. Dut is originally from Sudan and is now living in Utica. He spoke at Colgate last year.MSA brought comedian Aron Kadar to entertain the guests. He is half Palestinian and half Mormon. “Most of the crowd really enjoyed him,” junior MSA member Naveen Hussain said. Those who did not seem as entertained by the comedian were probably too focused on the delicious South Asian and Middle Eastern food. “The comedian was supposed to be funny, but I was too busy eating all the good food,” Khan said. Hussain agreed that the food was the highlight of the banquet.Much of the banquet’s success came from its general positive atmosphere.”I was most struck by the delightful participation of all who attended: the courtesy in the serving lines, the cheerful banter throughout the evening, the conversation at our table and the warmth expressed by those attending,” Professor of Philosophy and Religion John Carter said. The professors who attended were all invited to bring their families, which added to the friendly, welcoming mood of the evening. “It isn’t a Muslim event without kids,” Hussain said. The success of the banquet clearly seemed to reflect how hard the members of MSA worked to plan the event, and how much they care about the cause.