Cell Phone Recycling Effort

Donate Old Cell Phones to Students for Environmental Action

Students for Environmental Action is asking cell phone owners to answer the call and donate their used cell phones. Collection efforts will begin on Monday March 28 and continue through the rest of the spring semester. “We want to collect cell phones that are no longer in use,” said SEA member Laura Andrews. “500 million used cell phones are lying around in this country. About 2 million are shelved or thrown in the trash every week. If companies and individuals can pull their old phones out of drawers and off shelves and turn them over to us, we can convert them into funding. It’s a simple, effective way to turn someone’s trash into treasure for our cause.”

SEA in partnership with New Community Project works with CollectiveGood, a company that generates funds for charities through cell phone recycling. Cell phones contain hazardous materials such as mercury, cadmium, nickel and gallium arsenide that could contaminate ground water if discarded in landfills. Donated phones are kept out of landfills, and are either refurbished and sold primarily in Latin America, or they are scrapped for parts. Any portable cell phone is accepted, excluding bag phones or vehicle-installed models. All donors should deactivate the donated phones before turning them in.

The public may donate their used cell phones at the following locations:The Coop and Case LibraryOr visit www.newcommunityproject.org for more information.

About CollectiveGood: CollectiveGood is the nation’s premier cell phone recycling company, seeking to convert millions of idle, yet functional cell phones back into reuse in the developing world. CollectiveGood refurbishes and recycles cell phones in an environmentally friendly manner. For more information, visit http://www.collectivegood.com, or call: 770-856-9021.