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For Immediate Release:

University of Chicago Student Unveils Plan for New Retail Magazine

Chicago, IL, February 2005 – University of Chicago student, Kai D. Wright, will soon become one of the youngest owners of a national, retail magazine. The entrepreneur has announced the creation of ACCENT Magazine, which will be on retail stands by July 2006, and is currently available online.

Striving to become the largest news content provider for adults 18-29, ACCENT Magazine will serve an audience of 40 million individuals – an audience that includes both college students and young professionals. The focus of the magazine is to deliver news and entertainment in a language that a college and career market can both understand and use. The magazine will report on topics ranging from business culture to, and world affairs to entertainment.

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Contact Information:

Kai D. Wright, Founder & PublisherO: 773/905-3940E: [email protected]