SGA Beat

SGA Beat

The first Senate meeting of the year took place on Tuesday, January 25 in the Clark Room of the Student Union. President of the Executive Board, senior Ram Parimi, opened the meeting by saying that last semester was full of planning and preparation for upcoming events. However, this semester was the time for “action.” Some goals for this semester include introducing a Greek House forum, building at least one covered cruiser stop by May 1 and raising $13,000 by the end of the spring semester for the tsunami relief fund.

The Senate approved the Budget Allocation Committee’s (BAC) decision to grant Colgate Activities Board’s (CAB) lecture committee and several other campus groups over $20,000 to bring Fareed Zakaria to Colgate for a lecture series. Last semester, CAB was granted $15,000 towards the almost $28,000 lecture series. However, after CAB dedicated themselves to raising an additional $6,000 from other groups and organizations, BAC granted them the remaining $6,000.

Zakaria, who is the editor of Newsweek International and a journalist for Newsweek, is considered as the type of influential and well-known lecturer who can bring prestige and publicity to the campus, as well as greatly impact the Colgate community. The members of the Senate voted unanimously to approve the money allocation for Fareed Zakaria.

The main focus on the meeting revolved around the presentation of the covered cruiser stop drawings. Parimi introduced the drawings designed by the University Architect John Ryan. The drawing included a sketch of a covered bus stop that is commonly used in Boston, Syracuse and other northern metropolitan cities. The cruiser stop consisted of a covered structure with two sliding doors, three benches, heating vents underneath the benches and enough room to fit 25 people. The stop would be 13 by 8 feet and would be located in the Colgate bookstore parking lot, instead of on the corner of the bookstore. The Cruiser stop will consume about one and a half parking spaces and will be handicap accessible.

Parami added that along with heated cruiser stops, there is a possibility that the Colgate Cruiser schedule will be revised to include the circulation of more buses, which will decrease the amount of people waiting for the cruiser at one time. Various senators suggested the installation of cameras, Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and shatterproof glass. A Covered Cruiser stop is also being drawn into the plans for the new dorms/apartments being built for next year. The Senate unanimously voted to approve of the Covered Cruiser stop drawing.

Among other tasks being taken on by the Senate, the Academic Affairs committee is currently collaborating with the Political Science Department to minimize the overcrowding of classes. The committee is working on the hiring of more professors and introduction of more classes as possible solutions. The Student Affairs Committee is currently planning the transition phase of the library so that it will properly accommodate students when the library is closed next year.