Conserving Energy

Our campus and student population may be small, but several Colgate Students recently proved that size does not always matter. Colgate’s chapter of Students for Environmental Action (SEA) recently placed second to the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in a national campaign against dirty energy.Run by the environmental group Energy Action, 280 student environmental groups from around the country collected signatures against the use of dirty energy from coal, oil and nuclear power. In order to make their campaign effective, Colgate participants enlisted the help of 1100 legislators from across the country. The reward for coming in second place includes 105,000 kilo-watt hours worth of renewable energy certificates, donated by seven U.S. clean power companies. According to, renewable energy certificates are an alternative to switching a company’s direct energy use to clean energy. Certificates are an electronic record, which states the identification of the issuing body. The location of the production device that technology used for the production of the renewable energy and the time the certificate was issued.”We could offset Colgate’s energy related emission for something like the Coop for the spring semester,” SEA member senior Bob Filbin said. Filbin also added that the seven involved power companies will be sending letters to University President Rebecca Chopp hopefully before the end of the semester. Filbin will be one of several SEA members who will present the energy certificate to Chopp and other administrators when the letters arrives.