Hello Colgate. Welcome to another awesome edition of Ram-blings. During the next two weeks the SGA is working on preparing for next semester. A part of this preperation is the upcoming elections of Budget Allocation Committee members. The BAC is very important to campus life and I am working with Ryan Trow to conduct the elections earlier so that the training process can be more effective. I will also be introducing four new executive board members for next semester and will announce them during next Tuesday’s senate meeting. Recently the SGA voted on extending the operation hours for Cooley and action has been taken to add a Coffee Machine and to extend the hours. In coming months the SGA will work extensively with the Library Planning Committee to express student concerns in regards to study spaces for the academic year of 2005-2006. As many of you know the Library will be completely shut down during this year and it is important that students feel comfortable in their new study environments. I will provide you with more information in the coming months on where exactly these study spaces will be. There has been an ongoing discussion on the Cruiser’s schedule and effectiveness. I have been hearing many concerns about the cruiser’s inability to be on time during peak hours. The SGA is working hard to forward these concerns to administrators and to reexamine the routes that the cruiser is taking late night and during the day. For example, I have thought about having the Cruiser run until 2 a.m. on Thursday night so that more students who are downtown have a safe way of getting home. In addition I want to examine the effectiveness of Tops runs and Hospital runs during the daytime and evening hours. I also want to look into the possibility of increasing the amount of “Short Busses” during peak hours so that their will be increased efficiency that will lead to more on time arrivals for students. I also want to be one of the first to make the announcement that Spring Party Weekend will be on the weekend of April 8 and 9 next year. You will receive a detailed Student Distributions e-mail that will provide you with more information on the weekend itself. For many freshmen this will be your first opportunity to get involved in one of Colgate’s greatest traditions and I encourage all students to get involved in some aspect of the weekend. Thanks again and if you have any questions/concerns/comments please feel free to email us at [email protected]. Have a wonderful weekend and good luck with all of your work.