Editors’ Note

From the Editors:

To our great disappointment, it has become necessary to address some troubling discussions that have taken place on campus during the past few days. Several deeply disturbing accusations have been lobbied against The Maroon-News, a phenomenon we find puzzling because a simple, empirical examination of the facts reveals that these allegations are unquestionably false.

The Maroon-News prides itself on the intellectual diversity of its staff and the thorough scope of its news coverage – qualities for which we receive constant praise from students, faculty, administrators and alumni. Our senior editorial board – which has final jurisdiction over the newspaper’s content – comprises students with a variety of political affiliations, including, but not limited to, Republicans, Democrats and Independents. The most cursory glance at our Commentary section proves The Maroon-News’ commitment to representing the multiplicity of political viewpoints that exists at Colgate.

Therefore, we feel we are stating the obvious when we reiterate that, during the four years the senior editors have served this publication, The Maroon-News has never rejected an article submission based on the personal or political views expressed in it. As the only publication on campus whose editors receive rigorous professional training in journalism, The Maroon-News must employ demanding standards when evaluating any submission. Sometimes, therefore, we must reject submissions that are poorly written, that employ unsound reasoning, that propagandize, or that sensationalize their topics. Any assertion that editors’ personal or political beliefs affect The Maroon-News’ content is simply incorrect. We remain confident that most Colgate students are discerning, intelligent individuals who appreciate our commitment to endowing our community with a welcoming, unbiased forum for discourse.