Case Library

I probably should not be surprised by the administration’s lack of consideration for the student body yet again, but somehow I am appalled at the blatant disregard for fostering an academic environment in the most fundamental way. Case Library is the main library on Campus, with only Cooley as a backup. Cooley Library can barely support the science community as is, and does not have the space or accommodations to support the entire student body. According to the Colgate website, the administration, in its efforts to “support academic excellence, foster innovation, and enhance the quality of campus life,” have begun the construction phase for renovating Case. The new building will “give today’s students what they need to succeed in the 21st century.” Awesome. I don’t think anyone would argue against improving Case. But last time I checked I am a “today’s student” so what about supporting my academic excellence and quality of campus life? I am a senior and am currently at Case Library right now writing this article. I should be studying for my midterm but I cannot focus over the incessant drilling. Yes, the university has generously supplied me with ear plugs. How nice. Newsflash to the Administration: THEY DON’T BLOCK OUT ALL THE NOISE! The little notices taped to the halls in the stairway apologize for this “inconvenience” and say the drilling will stop in late October. Here comes another newsflash… ITS NOVEMBER. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the original architects abandoned the project. The University has stated that the “scheduling implications of this change are not yet clear.” Well its pretty clear to me that you’re behind schedule already. And let’s not forget to mention to the little issue of parking. As all of “today’s students” know, parking for Case was inadequate to begin with so I would love to know who came up with the genius idea to restrict it even more. Blocking off Case from Persson was another great idea. I love having to walk all around the HOP and then back up the stairs past Little Hall to get up the hill from the library. I am sure everyone will love it even more when there is snow on the ground and it is below zero out. So what are your options if you cannot work in such a construction zone? Well I already established that Cooley cannot support excess students. There’s the COOP which can be quiet sometimes (like at midnight on a Friday night,) and it has like ten whole computers for you to use. Let’s see… there’s the gatehouse computer lab with another limited set of computers, but I am pretty sure the frosh stuffed in their Gatehouse triples crowd it up and a lot of them show up at Case. There’s the Commons which have no computer access whatsoever. So I guess we don’t have any real options at all. It would be nice if the administration offered us some other options wouldn’t it? But they have not. We are expected to work through this “inconvenience” although I doubt they, nor the faculty would stand for it in their own buildings. So basically our parents have paid thousands and thousands of dollars for us to pursue our academics in a construction zone because in reality the administration does not care about “today’s student,” they already have our money. This is all for the future of Colgate- a future that they have constructed without current student input.