To The Colgate Community

There are 55 loyal Colgate men and women, from different generations and reflecting a wide variety of Colgate experiences, on the Board of Directors of the Colgate University Alumni Corporation. We come from all parts of the country; a majority of us were in Greek-letter organizations as undergraduates. Most of us have been alumni leaders in our classes, regional alumni clubs, career services projects, fundraising efforts and other programs. We support the direction of the University – with our time, our energy and our resources. When the Trustees voted to make changes in residential education, our board was strongly supportive of those steps. When the Strategic Plan was adopted last fall, we agreed with the University’s goals, in large part because they seem to build on the very best of our traditions. While we appreciate that there has been spirited discussion about some aspects of the plan, our sense of the board’s most recent meeting on campus, just three weeks ago, was that every member of the Alumni Board is proud of what Colgate is and where it is going. The high percentage of graduates who contribute to Colgate each year is clear evidence that, in general, her alumni agree. We are not familiar with the Colgate described by the authors of the – Freedom Matters website or the posters and billboard that appeared last week. We regret that students may have the impression that many alumni support the positions in those materials; we believe there are very few of Colgate’s 28,000 alumni who would claim the “sa4c” views as their own. Good luck with your important academic, athletic, social and other activities this semester. We hope the community will see the “sa4c” campaign for what it is, and what it is not.

-Scott Meiklejohn ’77, President Joanne Spigner ’76, Vice PresidentBoard of DirectorsColgate University Alumni Corporation