Net Gains

After experiencing the amazing phenomenon that is the Northern Lights, I couldn’t help but become enamored by its absolute beauty. And after a brief explanation of the aurora from a friend after this past Monday night’s sighting, of which I understood absolutely nothing, I realized that my curiosity could only be fulfilled by exploring this awesome field of astronomy. If this predicament sounds familiar, I have two suggestions for you:1. Visit and to learn just about anything you ever wanted to know about the stars besides what they can tell you about your future. These sites tell you anything from the names of the constellations to how to take photographs of the moon and planets. On, you can even click on the interactive sky chart to simulate a naked-eye view of the constellations. 2. Read the article entitled … by Brandy Bones in the Arts and Features Section this week. Not only is the article informative, but it also gives a first-hand description of the beauty of the Northern Lights!