Does Not Represent the Views of the Interfraternity Council

To the Colgate Community:

About a week ago, the website was launched on the World Wide Web along with varying signs and posters around campus to promote it. The website addressed the general political nature of the University and criticizes what the author of the site considered to be an unfair political leaning of the faculty. However, it also placed a great and particular emphasis on the acquisition of the fraternity and sorority houses.

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) was not involved with nor does it endorse the opinions presented on While the IFC agrees that discussion among students can promote positive change, we do not support the message or the manner in which the opinions were presented. The IFC’s goal is the preservation of a strong Greek system during the transformation of Broad Street, but the opinions conveyed on the website do not represent the views of our community.

The Interfraternity Council is an association and governing body of the various fraternity chapters on campus. Each member fraternity chapter has voluntarily joined the IFC in an effort to promote the interests of each individual chapter and of the fraternity system as a whole. Currently, the following chapters are members of the IFC: Delta Kappa Epsilon, Delta Upsilon, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Kappa Tau, Theta Chi and Sigma Chi. Beta Theta Pi is currently a provisional member in the process of applying for full membership.

-The Interfraternity Council