Sophomores Experience Careers

There is not a student at Colgate who has not thought – if even for a brief moment – about what they are going to do after graduation. For a lot of people, especially underclassmen, it is a mystery, but the staff at the Center for Career Services is doing their best to de-mystify it. The Sophomore Workshop Series is one of the ways in which Career Services is working with students. The series consists of three workshops run by the Career Services staff and upperclassmen. The workshops cover r?esum?e writing, networking and the protocol for following up an interview. “It’s really driven by sophomores,” Associate Director of Career Services Barbara Roback, who has been coordinating the effort, said. The three-step process was initiated this year at the behest of the sophomore class. The direction the Sophomore Experience goes is traditionally decided by the Sophomore Class Council, then guided and implemented by Career Services. The Sophomore Experience is part of a four-year timeline designed to help students become more prepared when they leave Colgate. “The first year is about self-assessment,” Roback said. “The second is about discovering some of the careers out there and figuring out who you are.” According to Roback, the program has been very successful in the past, giving the students who choose to participate a good starting point and often ties to the alumni network. “Our most tangible success from last year was Chilly Willy’s, which came about from the business plan competition that was a part of the Sophomore Experience,” Roback said. Career Services was delighted to see what students were able to accomplish when given to opportunity to think as entrepreneurs. Career Services saw about 30 percent of the sophomore class last year to start the process. This year, the staff hopes to help even more.