Thanks To All The Groups That Make Colgate Great

Stefanie Telvi

The past year and a half has been a time of enormous transition at Colgate. The Broad Street Initiative has brought about many new ideas and plans for the future. And here we are, in the middle of it all.

Administration, faculty and even student leaders have continually stressed the importance of focusing on improvements to be made to the Colgate community, in the combined effort to move forward toward a brighter future. I understand how important growth and change are, that one must always look ahead to improve. But taking a few steps back to assess a situation as it stands can provide great incentive as well. When I look at Colgate as it is now, and even as it has been for the two years since I arrived, I feel an overwhelming sense of pride. It’s the people here, especially the students, that have made all difference. We have done an amazing job, and I thank you for this.

Thank you for accepting what we can’t change and focusing on the things we can. You realize that the acquisition of the Greek Letter houses is going to happen, and I applaud you for making this transition a positive one for all.

Thank you for making Colgate the kind of place I like to be. Despite the snow and rain and dreary days, we’re all still here. If it weren’t for the students, I think many of us would have transferred to University of Miami. But maybe that’s just me.

Thank you for making an effort to improve town-gown relations between the community of Hamilton and Colgate’s campus. Recently, many difficulties in these relationships have surfaced. And I thank Ram and Casey for immediately addressing them. But what about all the good stuff? Thank you to the Greek letter organizations that clean up Broad Street every weekend at 9 a.m. so that residents don’t have to deal with trash on their yards and children can ride bikes on the sidewalk without running over beer cans.

Thank you to all the athletes for excelling at intramural, club and Division I sports. You give us a wonderful sense of pride in our alma mater and also an excellent source of entertainment. I admire you for your hard work and dedication.

Thank you to the Outdoor Ed Staff for allowing Colgate students to make the most of their beautiful surroundings. Your adventures are amazing; your challenges, invigorating. You have allowed so many to develop skills they will carry for the rest of their lives, and without your Wilderness Adventure trips for the first-year students, so many would miss out on the bonding experiences that build friendships to last a lifetime.

Thank you to all of the fraternity and sorority members that agreed to participate in the Dunk Tank Charity event last Saturday. Participation consisted of getting dunked into a very cold tank of water in 40 degree weather on a rainy morning. The event would not have been a success without your support. Most of all, thank you for enjoying it!

Thank you to Beta Theta Pi and Kappa Kappa Gamma for hosting a car wash a few weeks ago, and for bringing the Bizzy Bodies truck in for a cleaning. Not only did these organizations donate money to a charity, but they provided a venue for interaction between the residents of Hamilton and the students as well.

Thank you to all the fraternity guys for hosting parties on the weekends (and just about every night of the week as well). Although you’ve withstood a lot of criticism lately, I thank you for still standing by what you believe in and promoting positive images of what fraternities can really be. And for providing me and 2,800 other students a place to socialize. In this small town, you’re all we’ve got as a means of partying. Without you, there would be no social life on campus.

Thank you to every single student that lives here and to those who are abroad as well. Colgate would not be the same without you.

I realize that change is constant and improvements always necessary, but to all of you that are at Colgate, right here and right now.

Thank you.