The Board of Trustees: A Governing Body Affecting The Entire Campus

This weekend, Colgate’s Board of Trustees will meet on campus, so I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about this 35 person group whose responsibility is to “manage the business and undertakings of the University.” No small task, as they are the ones who decide who to hire as president, what buildings to build, major changes in strategy and what our annual budget will be. In sum, their charge is to ensure Colgate is the best school it can be with the best students, faculty and staff. This group doesn’t get paid. In fact, every one of our Board members makes Colgate one of their top philanthropies, if not the top. Board members volunteer hundreds of hours to think about our investments, student affairs, academic programs, career services, admissions, etc. Thirty-three of our Board members are alumni, several are parents of current or former students and each one is utterly unique. They work in finance and education, in media and in law, raising children and enjoying grandchildren. We have two recent graduates, one new board member from 1990, and alumni from the 80s, 70s and 60s. They believe in Colgate, and they take very seriously that you, the students, will get the foundation for the rest of your lives at Colgate. Your entrance into graduate schools, the jobs you get, the connections you form are all determined in large part by the quality of the academic and curricular experience and by robust alumni connections. Trustees serve on all our behalf. It is an act of love and pride and wisdom about the difference a first-rate education can make. So, take the time to introduce yourself to the members of the Board. You can meet with them during their open session at 10 a.m. on Saturday in the Hall of Presidents. They will also be at the football game and around campus. When you do meet them, talk with them about your Colgate experience and ask them about theirs. Tell them how much you appreciate their dedication to Colgate and find out how you can become a trustee of Colgate someday and do your part in holding this great school “in trust.”