Frank Vibez: CSA And Frank Dining Hall Staff Team Up To Host Caribbean Night

By Sarah DyerMaroon-News Staff Frank Dining Hall hosts a Caribbean Food Night annually but this year will mark the start of a new tradition of collaboration with CSA (Caribbean Students Association). On October 14th, you may have seen the sign on the door of Frank which read that it was closed due to preparation for Caribbean Food Night. This is the first year that CSA has helped prepare the night with Frank Dining Hall staff. The members hung up decorations like Caribbean flags, provided the cooks of Frank with recipes and a few students sang and played instruments by the fireplace throughout the meal. Amelia Thompson, the Co-Prime Minister of CSA, said of Phil Sweeney (manager of Frank Dining Hall) and the entire staff that they “did an amazing job with the recipes that we gave them – even though they had never made some of the dishes before… The results were really great and very similar to what we eat at home in the Caribbean.” CSA became even more excited when a few employees of Grace Kennedy Inc., a food and trading division in Jamaica, donated Caribbean fruit and vegetable juices called “Tropical Rhythms.” Krissy Williams, a junior member of CSA, described the delicacies of the night: “There was food from all over the Caribbean: curried chicken, jerk chicken, stewed beef, rice and peas, pilau, and then they had coconut shrimp . For desert, ice cream and banana toppings … lots of fruit, pineapples and stuff.” The night was highlighted not only by the food, but the music as well. Kyle Bolt, a junior and part-time member of CSA, played the drums as a source of entertainment. “I think people really enjoyed the music. We had students coming up and dancing,” Bolt reflected. “We also had some people inquire about the instruments, which was nice.” Sophomore Nzinga Job performed songs for two of her professors who were there; one of the songs she also performed at World Expo. Job summed up her thoughts on the night, “It was a smashing success in my mind.” The CSA takes the successful night as further incentive to plan more events on campus. The association is planning a party at the Palace: “Island Vibez” in conjunction with LASO (Latin American Student Organization) in an effort to raise money for the Grenada and Dominican Republic Hurricane Relief Funds as well as Excelsior Primary School in Jamaica.