Helping Hands In Hamilton: A Preview of COVE Service Day

Get ready for Colgate University’s first campus-wide Service Day on Saturday, November 6. Designed by Center for Outreach and Volunteer Education (COVE) Intern senior Alana Perrone, this day was created to promote awareness of service within the student body. The day will allow students to help out at agencies around Madison County and will connect the students to other communities in Central New York. “I am hoping to create community spirit between Colgate students themselves, as well as between the Colgate campus and the counties of Central New York,” Perrone said. She commented on the “bubble” that we all seem to live in on the hill, away from local and world issues. “The hill separates the students from the very community which it inhabits,” she said. “It’s also hard for students who actually want to get involved and help because of time constraints or transportation difficulties.” Perrone believes that students who are involved, aware and excited about service can really bring about change. She wants this Service Day to facilitate that enthusiasm and action necessary to cultivate community involvement. Perrone hopes to have representatives from every social group on campus, such as residence halls, fraternities and sororities, and she is working hard to get their support. “The difficulty for days like this,” Perrone said, “is attracting students and letting them know it is a worthwhile endeavor.” She believes a large-scale group effort is absolutely essential for Colgate’s development as well as for the participant’s personal growth. The future of this project is full of possibilities. Perrone is hopeful and anticipates a good turnout in November. She wants to expand the Service Day to include surrounding colleges, people from Hamilton and other towns in the community. “Civic engagement is the greatest tool that each citizen has for understanding and solving social issues,” Perrone said. She feels that with this campus-wide community service day, the students can make a difference in their community and become more aware of their surroundings. Register to participate and help your community by emailing Alana Perrone at [email protected]