Sorry, But More First-Year Advice From One Another Seasoned Vet

I feel obligated to pass on a few tidbits of information I’ve garnered over the past two years here at Colgate. Although First-Year Orientation seems like yesterday to me, I’m actually writing this from the apartments as a junior – which is scary, very scary. But by no means should my points be considered definite; after all, everyone has different experiences and therefore unique perspectives of Colgate. I think most of this advice applies campus-wide, so enjoy the pointers and have a wonderful time here at ‘Gate!

*Appreciate Your Link Leader

The students who guided you through Orientation spent days preparing for your arrival. Not only are they ready and willing to help you throughout the year, but they are probably the first upperclassmen you met on campus. The guidance and friendships they offer are valuable, and you never know when you’ll run into them again. The leaders are highly qualified, outgoing and excited to welcome you, so appreciate the time the give you!

*Cubbyholes Are Cool?

Ok so not every room is a mansion, and adjusting to Tupperware-style living will take time, but I promise your new set-up will work out in the end. For those of you in Andrews, you don’t know how lucky you are! For those in Gatehouse, you are sure to have a good time! The Easties have the cleanest dorm, while the Westies are known for a few famous floor parties. You’ll notice the kids in Curtis become fast friends, and the Stillman students have the shortest walk to Frank. But watch out for that Stillman hill – many (ksk) can attest to its treacherous trek in the winter months ahead!

*”I’m So Much Cooler”

Maybe one side of the room is Eminem-inspired and one is Spongebob, but be nice to your roommate(s). They will be the people you turn to for lunch buddies or gym partners. Invite your roommate out with you or meet up with them after class. Just think: the more connections you have, the faster you’ll make friends. And even if you are still upset that they took the bottom bunk, work things out because you’ll never forget your first-year roommates!

*I Swear Studying Makes You Starve

You may not receive a deluge of papers for at least a few more weeks, but once those assignments hit you, you’ll be running for the vending machines. The best snacks on campus can be found in the machines on the second floor of Alumni and the lobby of the Reid Athletic Center. For those all-nighters, call Slices or make a late-night run to the Coop. When the jeans get a little tight and the Polo buttons pop, try healthier selections from the Barge or Parkside. Feed your brain and always go to Sundae Night at Frank!

* Winter Wonderland

It is only a matter (of a short period) of time, before this campus turns to frozen tundra, so break out those shorts, skirts and flip-flops while you can. Once the snow hits, the wardrobe changes and you’ll wear anything that keeps your bones from shivering. For girls, I advise taking caution before wearing those stiletto boots down to the Jug. Afterall, you are living on a steep hill and waiting for the Cruiser in heels is an experience your feet won’t let you forget. Once you get down to the Jug, keep an eye on your jacket. Your black Northface will be gone in two seconds and you’ll never get it back if you’re not careful! Make sure you don’t carry anything too important in the pockets, just in case it is five-finger-discounted.

So that concludes a few helpful hints to surviving your first-year here. Last but not least, ENJOY IT! I know it sounds like something your parents said to you on the way here, but your time here literally flies by. Try out for sports, eat the desserts at Frank, find a niche in Case, cheer at home games and, as I always say, “Live it up and love it all!”