Attention Sophomores: The Do’s and Dont’s of Rushing

Is it just me, or have the sophomores been acting a bit more nervous lately? Have they come up to you asking a random question just so that you know their name? Or even better, have they started that awkward “So… how are classes going… What frat/sorority are you in?” conversation on the cruiser? I wondered what the cause was for such atypical, bizarre behavior, and then it dawned on me – it’s Rush Week!! It’s that special time of year when affiliated upperclassmen, behind closed doors, discuss who can, and who absolutely cannot, join their fraternity or sorority. It’s also that time when Kappa Alpha Theta and Beta Theta Pi become more than just Greek letters but take on the role of Greek gods to the sophomores. To celebrate this splendid annual event of “recruitment,” I have compiled a list of the lucky 7 Do’s and Don’ts of rushing, Colgate style:

Do: Make it obvious that you are interested in a certain fraternity or sorority by going to its events and speaking with all of the members.

Don’t: Make it obvious that you are interested by embarrassing yourself. Example: “Dude, you guys have like the coolest frat ever, I definitely would be stoked if I got a bid.” If you are interested they’ll know. Don’t be desperate, have some pride.

Do: Go to every frat or sorority with an open mind.

Don’t: Go to just one frat or sorority and talk smack about the others. Chances are, the affiliated member’s best friend is in the frat or sorority you are talking about. Follow Mom’s words, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” It could be your bid.

Do: Go to the back of the line at the Jug.

Don’t: Cut the line at the Jug and then ask “Oh are you in a fraternity or sorority? Oh, you are? Sorry for cutting, you can go ahead of me! …Sorry again!” This situation, which occurs far too often, is just embarrassing for you. The affiliated member will not forget you cut them even if you say sorry.

Do: Remember names.

Don’t: Call John, Frank or Emily, Jane. They know their names, you should too.

Do: Have fun at the Jug.

Don’t Have too much fun and hook-up with the significant other of an affiliated member. It’ll come back to haunt you.

Do: Be yourself.

Don’t: Be who you think is right for that fraternity or sorority. You’re usually wrong.

Do: Be responsible.

Don’t: Be a liability. If you decide to go crazy one night and just happen to “fall asleep” on the sidewalk, you’re not exactly what the fraternities and sororities are looking for right now. Sorry, party animal.

This simple list of do’s and don’ts will get any sophomore far during the most nerve wracking few days of the year, or maybe even his or her life (a bit dramatic). Follow this advice sophomores: Cut this article out, paste it to your wall or make sure a copy is always in your back pocket for quick reference, you’ll never know when you need it. Though I cannot assure you a spot in your desired fraternity or sorority, I can promise you that your chances of a bid are far better after memorizing the above lucky seven. Good luck in the next few days, and godspeed.