Response to Greek dos and don’ts

As a quasi-recent alumnus who was in the Fraternity system and who spent several years in therapy recovering from the process, I would like to submit a few further “do’s and don’ts” of the Fall Rush period:Do: Get used to the word, “dude”. For some reason it’s intrinsic to Greek life and is as ubiquitous in the culture as are backward baseball hats and god-awful jam band musicDon’t: waste your time meeting new people if you’re going to go Greek. If they don’t know the same cheers and songs as you they’re worthless anyways.Do: Get ready for a whole new world of being surrounded by other rich kids who look exactly like you and pay the same dues with their Parent’s checksDon’t: And I can’t stress this enough, Don’t mention what fraternity you were in after you’ve graduated and run into other alumni on the street. Seriously, it’s really embarassing for everyone involved. You may be as gung-ho as your little heart desires about your secret society as you like when you live in the Colgate prism but every time I run into someone on a Brooklyn Street who follows their handshake with, I’m a (fill in Frat Name here), I seriously have the fucking urge to slap the past out of them.Thanks,Adam H. Berkowitz’00/’01 (Yes, I was a god awful student)