A Welcome From The Editor

There are certain seminal moments in our lives that don’t come like clockwork – not the first years of college, 21st birthdays or graduations – but the epiphanies that change our perspective on all of the above. For me, it happened in a seemingly mundane moment: an elementary school science class. We were discussing animals and the topic turned to our beloved dogs. “Do you know that dogs see the world in black and white?” the teacher inquired. I hadn’t. Thereafter, the idea haunted me. If animals saw the world in different colors, people had to see things differently, too. Indeed they do. It is for that very reason that we have art. Defining “art” is as daunting as imagining what the world looks like through someone else’s eyes. Art is the only way we will ever know, and even then it is censored and manipulated for our viewing. It is with this in mind that we bring you the Arts & Features section, filled with Colgate students’ views of the world and other people’s interpretations of its beauty. In our features we seek to reveal unique people and observations that affect our lives and the way we live them. This is still the place to look for news of the cultural happenings in Hamilton. Each week we will place one Colgate student “In the Light” as a means for you to see how other people live and learn in our community. In addition, there will be a weekly piece written by one of Colgate’s students studying abroad, allowing us to see the world without leaving Central New York. Our listings of websites of interest will be another way to connect with the outside world.This week there is a feature on activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams, providing an example that personal initiative can make a difference. There will be a review of the film Garden State from one of our very own Jersey girls. Hailing from the movie’s namesake state, her interpretation of the film may be different from, say, yours or mine but that is what makes it interesting. It’s a sampling of someone’s world seen through someone else’s eyes. Perhaps you’ve read a book in – or out of – class that you think warrants discussion or maybe there’s a trend in pop culture that you would like to see explored, I encourage you to e-mail me regarding any ideas or comments about the Arts & Features section.