All-Faculty Meeting Discusses a “Third Century Plan for Colgate”

As President Brian Casey called this month’s faculty meeting into session on Monday, December 3, he projected above him a look into the future; “Developing A Third Century Plan for Colgate.”

This was the last all-faculty meeting of the semester. Casey presented to the faculty a plan of how Colgate’s governing committees, boards and bodies will be leaping into Colgate’s third century with a focus on specific areas that Casey calls “fundamentals for Colgate’s future.”

Academics, strength, attracting outstanding students, faculty and staff, enhancing the community through residential life, expanding the university’s reach and reputation and significantly increasing university resources are all areas that Casey believes will move Colgate forward in the coming months.

In order to address these areas, Casey said that Colgate will have to acquire a new mindset on university governance.

“On my desk there is a pile of good ideas,” Casey said. “But these ideas need to go somewhere.”

Casey also said that faculty needs to play a greater role in understanding how governing bodies function on this campus, such as the Board of Trustees. This will be a key change when addressing how to approach Colgate’s future with a success-oriented mindset.

In terms of financing, Casey presented a feasibility study that will launch in January 2019 in which a firm will create focus groups, sit down with alumni and understand what they prioritize. The results of the study will be published in May.

Following Casey, Dean of the Faculty Tracey Hucks presented some of the work that has been done this semester, including furthering grants received by students. She thanked professors for the research and off-campus study opportunities they have created and continue to play a massive role in orchestrating.

Additionally, Hucks recapped the Northeastern Deans Meeting at Amherst College on November 1, in which 36 University deans gathered to discuss policy and issues, including how social media has influenced student-faculty relationships and increased the vulnerability of faculty.

Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies Catherine Cardelús concluded the meeting by presenting on Colgate’s upcoming accomplishment of becoming a carbon neutral campus as of January 2019. She explained that by dropping emissions and investing in carbon offset projects, Colgate will be the first college or university in New York State to be carbon neutral. The meeting closed with a progressive vision into Colgate’s future.

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