Tribute Held for Ryan Adams and Carey Depuy, Class of 2019

Amelia Fogg, Maroon-News Staff

A tribute service commemorated the lives of Ryan Adams ’19 and Carey Depuy ‘19 on Thursday, September 20. The service on the Academic Quad marked the three-year anniversary of the loss of two members of the Colgate community who died in a plane crash in Eaton, N.Y.

A group of Adams’ and Depuy’s closest friends began the service, sharing heartfelt words and stories. Although Adams and Depuy spent only four weeks on Colgate’s campus, their friends shared that their spirits remain in the hearts of their friends, the class of 2019 and the Colgate community at large.

Senior Becky Gowen, one of Adams’ closest friends, spoke about his lasting impact at Colgate.

“While we will never forget what happened three years ago today, the best way to honor Ryan is to exemplify the resilience that he possessed and do our best to continue his legacy by being as caring, passionate, and determined as he was,” Gowen said.

Senior Katelyn Thuss attended high school with Depuy, and shared memories of Depuy’s enduring, warm spirit.

“If given the chance, she would’ve made this campus a better place than she found it,” Thuss said.

Thuss left attendees with words of encouragement.

“I want to encourage you all to be more like Carey in your lives. Look out for those who need some extra encouragement, never take yourself too seriously and always look on the bright side,” Thuss said.

Senior Ashley de Hechavarria, one of Depuy’s former track and field teammates, recounted Depuy’s sense of humor and inclusive nature. She spoke of the bond that she and Depuy fostered during an all-night adventure in Case-Geyer library.

Following these tributes, attendees spread out, encircling the academic quad. Attendees held

small candles and slowly passed a single flame around the circle until an even, steady glow filled the space. The silent reflection within the ring was punctuated only by the Chapel bell, which rang 13 times in honor of Depuy and Adams.

After the candlelight ceremony, friends of Adams and Depuy gathered in the Center for Women’s Studies to share stories and debrief.

This event was organized by the Student Government Association in conjunction with friends of Adams and Depuy. When announcing the tribute to the senior class, the SGA shared a number of sentiments about Adams and Depuy.

“[Adams and Depuy] brought us together as a class,” SGA said, “Together, we experienced the shocking fragility of life, the pow- er of love, and the true meaning of community that would highlight the rest of our three years here.”

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