Editor’s Column: Thank You, Third Floor Case

Everyone has their go-to homework spot on campus: the place they can be found during the moments they’re not in class, asleep or in a meeting. Mine is the third floor of Case-Geyer Library. The first time I ever studied in Case was on my second day of classes during my first year. I worked in the silent fifth floor reading room and didn’t even know that Case had four more floors. I thought all the first-years did their work upstairs.

But I made my way downstairs for the first time during my first day of final exams later that semester. I sat in the middle room of the third floor with the sunlight shining through the windows, sitting across from a bunch of older students studying for the same Spanish grammar exam as me. I’m pretty sure I was the only first-year there. Little did I realize that nearly every reading, every exam and every email I’d send for my next three years on campus would be from this floor.

Looking back at my time at Colgate, a lot of really monumental things have happened on the third floor of Case. I’ve learned more about myself and my abilities here than anywhere else on campus.

I landed my first internship during my freshman year from the third floor. I received a call from my new boss that her entertainment firm was excited to take me on as a communications intern and was impressed with my work at WRCU. It was also where I called my parents in tears of excitement to announce my news right after.

I also wrote my first article for The Colgate Maroon-News on the third floor. It was about a Friday night film screening, and the article took the majority of my Saturday afternoon to write. For a first attempt at journalism, the experience was the kick-off to my career at the paper. I’d say it was a success judging from my position on senior staff this year.

During my sophomore year, I received a call from Burbank, California while I was studying for an exam on the third floor. Turns out it was “The Ellen Show,” calling to have me audition to be a member of Ellen Degeneres’ audience. I had to come up with my favorite guest, segment and philanthropic cause that Ellen has donated to on the spot. I ended up having to run back to my room for the second part of the interview, during which I had to scream and cheer over Skype as if Ellen were walking into the room … and I never got the “Ellen” tickets.

During my junior year, I coordinated the Blacklight Dodgeball event for the Panhellenic Council from the comfort of the third floor. It was the largest event I’ve ever coordinated; there were many moving pieces and a lot of emails to respond to. The event is one of my biggest accomplishments at Colgate to date. I also secured my most recent summer internship from the third floor after networking with an alumna and researching the company for months. My detailed resume, cover letter and interview prep (from the third floor) had thankfully paid off.

As for senior year, I am pulling my first long night in Case and writing this article from the third floor. I guess since I’m here so much, my entire life just happens from here. I’ve cried to strangers, shown up in pajamas, eaten three meals a day and have more Snapchats saved from the back seven tables of the third floor than anywhere else on campus combined.

But what I love most about it is the fact that no matter the time or day, there’s always a friendly face on the third floor. Always someone to chat with about life, homework, stress, activities and brighten up my day. Maybe it’s an unpopular opinion but the third floor of Case is the most social spot on campus. Commiseration brings the community together.

So thanks for the memories, Third Floor. I know that we’ll have the chance to make more of them this year.

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