International Students Represent 38 Countries

Jessica Johnson, Class of 2022

After a record high application season, Colgate welcomed students from 38 countries to the Class of 2022.

Approximately 75 first-year international scholars arrived early to campus on August 21 to complete the International Student Orientation (ISO), which assists international students in transitioning to Colgate. 

Hailing from Suzhou, China, also known as the “backyard of Shanghai,” first-year Ke Li chose Colgate mainly for its status of being an “elite liberal arts school,” she said. 

Her daily routine for ISO consisted of academics in the morning, presentations and speeches throughout the afternoon and activities in the evening that often extend well into the night. 

In addition to enjoying the ISO program, Ke Li said she is looking forward to studying international relations and drama this coming semester.

2,183 miles West of Suzhou, from Kathmandu, Nepal, first-year Dipesh Khati chose Colgate because it’s a great institution that provides opportunities for its students, he said. 

Khati anticipates that staying true to his values may pose a difficult challenge now that he lives in America.  His primary goal for the fall semester is discovering what he would like to pursue for his degree. 

First-year Ayush Sinha from New Delhi, India, found the most interesting part of his Colgate experience thus far to be his friendly interactions with faculty and students. He also finds himself surprised by how massive everything is, including cars, stores and people. 

In addition to academics and studying abroad, Ayush looks forward to the independence of living on campus.

A commonality between all these three international students is their excitement to absorb all that Colgate has to offer.

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