In the Light: Ben Apple

Ben Apple:

Ben Apple:

Hailing from Lewisburg, Penn., Senior Ben Apple was excited to come to Colgate seeing as he was coming from a town so influenced by the presence of Bucknell University. 

Apple became a molecular biology major after taking the course “Molecules, Cells, and Genes.” He is now a tutor for the class.

“Just the way the professors taught [the class] and really tied everything together, [molecular biology] is just some inherent passion. [In] every biology class I’ve had, I’ve had great professors,” Apple said.

During the summer after his sophomore year, Apple did research with Associate Professor of Biology Geoff Holm, which further cemented his love for molecular biology. He studied the innate immune system, which involved examining cell death after the cells were infected with the reovirus virus. 

Apple took advantage of Colgate’s study abroad program by travelling to Wollongong, Australia his junior year. Not only did he have the chance to take unique courses that he would not have been inspired to take otherwise, but he also got to participate in activities he never would have been able to at Colgate, such as surfing and snorkeling at the Barrier Reef.  

Apple is the co-captain of Jabberwok, the  men’s ultimate frisbee team at Colgate, a team of which he has been a member all four years. 

“Ultimate frisbee is a big part of my life. I made some of my closest friends playing ultimate, and I’m not really sure what I’d do without it. It’s a great release from the stress of all the work,” he said. 

He is also a co-leader of the American Heart Association on-campus student organization, where he helps organize fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for research and to educate students about heart health and disease. 

According to Apple, one of the most valuable parts of the Colgate experience is the opportunity to get to know your professors.

“I don’t think there’s ever really been a time when I’ve gone into office hours where it hasn’t turned into a 15 or 20 minute conversation,” Apple said.

After graduation, Apple will conduct research at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, working in an HIV Immunology Lab, after which he will decide whether he wants to pursue further education at medical school or graduate school.

Apple advises students to appreciate the time they have at Colgate. 

“Enjoy the process of the bad times and the good times. That’s what I wish I knew my freshman and sophomore years. Take it all in,” he said.

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