Baker’s Dozen: Making the Rag Ragged

Look on the back cover of The Monthly Rag, Colgate’s satire magazine, and you will find junior Jared Lampal’s work. A McLean, Va. native and double concentrator in psychology and studio art, Lampal is the design editor for The Monthly Rag.

Originally, Lampal only did photo editing for The Colgate Maroon-News but then decided to extend his work to The Monthly Rag later his first year, and he hasn’t stopped since.

“I like working for The Monthly Rag a lot and doing the design on the back cover is really how I started doing design work on campus,” Lampal said.

Lampal’s interest in graphic design is not new. In high school, he worked on graphic design for four years, taking classes as well as doing some freelance work.

“I have always been interested in graphic design and logo creation and branding, so it just came naturally to help create something that’s a satirical, funny sort of image,” he said.

As design editor, Lampal’s job is to ensure that there is a back cover for every issue, which comes out once a month. In addition, he either finds or makes the pictures that go along with each article. Lampal’s skills are not limited to graphic design, though. He branched into writing some of the satirical articles himself.

The magazine doesn’t give a direct byline to each author, instead there is a list of contributing authors and editors. Lampal enjoys experiencing people interacting with the articles and photos through a bubble of anonymity. Lampal also explained that one of the best parts of his job is that he can see people’s raw reactions to the magazine.

In addition to his role on The Monthly Rag, on campus, Lampal leads tours for the Office of Admission and is a member of Link Staff.

While Lampal enjoys his work in The Monthly Rag, he does not want to do graphic design free-lance work as a career after college. Instead, he hopes to do something that combines all his interests.

“I have always liked [psychology], so I decided to major in [that] and studio art. I’ve always really liked the way that they combine, so where that’s really leading me to and what’s fascinating to me is branding and marketing,” Lampal said. “That’s what I want to do after college. It’s not exactly design but it’s definitely creative.”

Lampal’s satirical style of articles and photos published in The Monthly Rag are an effective source to understanding the Colgate community through a lens of irony. Providing a new and refreshing type of writing style is what makes The Monthly Rag so unique and Lampal’s contributions to the Colgate community so great.