Senior Spotlight: Cecilia Kane


Senior Cecilia Kane continues her work as a Senior Admissions Fellow remotely, keeping the admissions process personal even as it goes digital.

Behind the incoming class of 2024 is the dedicated staff at the Office of Admission, including a select group of Senior Admissions Fellows. Senior Cecilia Kane, a geography and Spanish double concentrator from Alexandria, Va., is one of those fellows, and has been involved with recruiting the brightest and best students throughout her time at Colgate. Inspired by her love for Colgate, Kane started working as a greeter in the Office of Admission as a first-year.

“Even though I had only been on campus for a few weeks, I jumped at the chance to share what I had experienced so far with prospective students and families as they waited in the lobby for their information sessions and tours. It was also just fun to interact with the outside world by welcoming visitors from near and far,Kane said. 

In the coming years, Kane rose through the ranks; she became a tour guide her sophomore year and applied to be a Senior Fellow at the end of her junior year. This new role, which is a paid position and the highest rank a student can receive in the Office of Admission, engages Kane in nearly every aspect of the admissions process. Kane now conducts informational interviews, information sessions, plans other events, manages the tour guide program, attends college fairs, assists in outreach and diversity and inclusion initiatives and more in the extensive and dynamic processes of Colgate admissions.

“I was energized by my interactions with prospective students and families and supported by the community of student volunteers and Admission Officers. As a Senior Fellow, I also hoped to gain professional insight into the field by learning more about the ins and outs of the business,” Kane said.

Interpersonal interactions fascinate Kane, and it’s the personal side of her job in admissions she loves so much.

 “The majority of the time I am interacting with people. I am struck by how a single conversation or encounter can influence whether a prospective student applies to or ultimately chooses Colgate. I think the level of attention and respect we grant to each individual is a hallmark of Colgate, and that really comes across throughout the admission process,” Kane said.

Other than her work in the Office of Admission, Kane is an intern in the Office of Sustainability, a member of Gamma Phi Beta, and a General Representative on the Class of 2020 Class Council. But, for Kane, she sees her experiences working in the Office of Admission as the most valuable in her Colgate career.

“My role as a Senior Fellow has allowed me to articulate what I love about Colgate, what I have taken advantage of at Colgate and what I would change about Colgate. My capacity to reflect on this and to convey it to others has assisted me in my written and verbal communication skills. I have also cultivated invaluable sales experience in this position, considering its focus on customer service and client operations. Ultimately, it has reinforced my desire to work with others in a highly collaborative, challenging and interpersonal environment.”

Kane is continuing her work with admissions remotely and is still finding ways to make those interpersonal connections with prospective students through Zoom, ensuring that all students know the amazing opportunities Colgate has to offer. While she can’t offer them the signature chipwich, she still gives her time and attention to the students who will follow in her place.