Support the Armenian Students’ Association

Ani Arzoumanian, Assistant Baker's Dozen Editor

We, the Armenian community at Colgate, are writing to you with our statement condemning Azerbaijan’s attack, forcing war on the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh. As you may have heard, on the morning of Sept. 27, Azerbaijan began shelling the border of Artsakh with heavy air and tank forces. This attack is targeted at civilians, specifically in Artsakh’s capital city Stepanakert and its surrounding villages. So far there have been over 80 deaths and hundreds wounded as Armenia prepares to protect its people and respond.

As Armenian students on campus, this is the most heartbreaking news to have woken up to in the morning. Our family and friends are sheltering in basements and hallways, many men are being called to serve in the military. We, the Armenian student community, are all working together to support each other while trying to tell the world the truth about the conflict, and its impact on us and our families.

Azerbaijan has been inciting violence and killing Armenian civilians for over thirty years. Since 1992, when Artsakh gained its independence, the border has been plagued by cease-fire violations and atrocities which violate international laws, all committed by the Azerbaijani side.

In July, Azerbaijani military forces attacked the civilian region of Tavush, in Armenia, destroying homes, PPE factories and schools. Armenians around the world called for peace while Azeri protestors filled the streets of Baku chanting “death to Armenians.”

Azerbaijan has historically utilized schools and propaganda to teach hatred toward Armenians. Today, as Azeri tanks attacked the border and shelled civilian villages, the government of Azerbaijan censored social media and the internet to hide their culpability from the people, instead calling their actions “counter-attacks,” falsely accusing Armenia of beginning the war.

International news outlets such as Al Jazeera, BBC and The New York Times have published misleading articles which call the events of today “clashes,” implying that what happened was anything but a pre-planned invasion by Azerbaijan. In an attempt to remain neutral, news outlets are portraying the conflict as two-sided aggression rather than a single-sided offensive.

Turkey, Azerbaijan’s biggest ally and “brother nation,” committed genocide against Armenians in 1915 and continues to deny it and cover up the truth. Our people have been the targets of mass murder and discrimination by the same peoples for hundreds of years. We have been victims for far too long. Help us finally achieve global recognition for the atrocities committed today.

We ask that you support the Colgate Armenian Students’ Association in these trying times by amplifying our message.

We have compiled a list of ways you can help us:

1. Help us spread information by sharing our statement with others.

2. Urge people to go to to urge their representatives to condemn Azerbaijan for its aggressive actions.

3. Urge people to donate to the Armenian Wounded Heroes Fund, a non-profit organization that focuses on sending structural equipment and medical supplies to Armenian soldiers serving on the border.