Alumni Submission: Remembering Bert Levine ’63

While Colgate’s Washington Study Group (WSG) is well known and respected, the 1993 WSG, of which I was a member, had two additional things in its favor that year. First, it was President Clinton’s inauguration and first 100 days in office. Second, and no less important, Bertram J. Levine ’63 led the WSG that year. We soon realized, and better appreciated over time, that Professor Levine (“Bert” to those who knew him) was uniquely positioned to leverage his contacts and friendships for the benefit of the WSG’s thirteen students. Bert managed to score tickets to the Presidential Inauguration as well as tickets to the first ever MTV Inaugural Ball.  You can imagine how excited thirteen college kids were to attend these historic events. In addition to the rigors of the two courses Bert taught and the internships he arranged for us in the executive and legislative branches, Bert generously shared his time and wisdom about law, politics, family and the ‘Gate with his students while enjoying, for example, a game at Camden Yards, a day at Six Flags as well as the many dinner parties he arranged. Bert, ever the lawyer by training and background, placed a premium on preparation and effective communication with listening being just as important or more so than speaking in Bert’s estimation. Bert beamed when a member of our WSG asked a notable Washington figure an insightful and thought provoking question which brought credit to the ‘Gate. The 1993 WSG was a transformative life experience and we are all better to have known Bert and learned the ways of Capitol Hill under his tutelage. In addition to his family, Bert leaves a lasting legacy of Colgate alums who are forever grateful and look forward to paying things forward in support of our alma mater.