Best Nest: 21 Lebanon Street or “Factory 21”


The housemates pose for a photo in front of 21 Lebanon.

Senior Katie Jean Colman, more commonly known as KJ, is an Art History and English concentrator from New Jersey. She lives at 21 Lebanon above The Spot Dance and Fitness Center with a group of five friends she met during her first year at Colgate. Colman is an avid member of the Colgate women’s ultimate frisbee team, known as The Vibe, and is also involved in the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma. Her apartment is affectionately called “Factory 21” for a variety of reasons, none of which make any clear sense to an outside observer. KJ and her housemates thought about naming their new abode “Wester Stillman,” after the dorm in which five of the six housemates met. 

Colman’s penchant for the arts is highlighted in her interior design style. At the center of the apartment hangs a tapestry that is a spin on Matt 5:13, “Salty and Lit.” Coincidentally, the apartment is also very well lit thanks to well-placed Christmas lights that add to the aesthetic of the walls. 

“I really love the tapestry because I am both sometimes salty and sometimes lit,” housemate senior Mack Neary said.

Colman’s three-bedroom apartment is connected to her friend’s three-bedroom apartment. Both apartments have great amenities like walk-in closets, heating systems, bathtubs, full beds and a plush leather couch provided by the landlord. On weekday afternoons the roommates are treated to the sounds of tapping feet and showtunes wafting through the windows from the dance studio below. The location of the apartment is ideal for those who love a night on the town or for any foodies who can never sate their desire for Slices. The location is also ideal for a trip to the farmers market when the weather is nice. On some occasions there is even a lemonade stand that is set up down the street. The possibilities for nearby activities are truly endless. 

Colman’s favorite part of the apartment is perhaps the alleyway she has to drive through to park her car, the “Colman Cruiser,” in the parking lot behind the building. Colman discovered she “loved” this alley the first time she drove through it and scraped the entire right side of her car. She has since affectionately named the alleyway “The Pit of Despair,” and the love has only continued to blossom from there. 

“Factory 21” also has historical significance for Colman and her friends. During their sophomore year, a few of the apartment members had spent time with the previous tenants and even witnessed a few emotionally charged moments on the same couch they still have now. 

On a clear day, Colman and her housemates can even see some of the festivities behind the apartment, courtesy of Fraturday. 

“I’m not sure where the Chainsmoker’s ‘Closer’ is coming from, but the chorus of people singing along makes me feel like I’m really there,” Colman said. 

Colman is very thankful to have such an amazing living situation and hopes that future tenants will enjoy and cherish the alleyway as much as she does. 

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