In the Light: Katie Jean Colman


KJ Coleman

Senior Katie Jean Colman, more commonly known as KJ, is originally from Mahwah, New Jersey. Like many students at Colgate, Colman applied to several colleges, unsure of which one she wanted to attend. However, after visiting Colgate in the spring of her senior year of high school, Colman knew Colgate was where she wanted to be, despite the fact that there was still snow on the ground. 

When Colman first arrived at Colgate as a first-year, she thought she wanted to concentrate in psychology, but later changed her mind to become an English and Art History concentrator.

“I always knew I loved Art History from high school, so I kept taking Art History classes for fun my first two years,” Colman said. “I finally realized spring of my sophomore year that I’d rather major in something I loved. I later added on the English concentration because I had been taking so many classes in the English department.” 

Colman has definitely stayed busy during her time on campus. She is a member of The Vibe, which is the women’s ultimate Frisbee team, as well as Konosioni Honor Society. She is also a Bystander Intervention intern with Shaw Wellness Center. Colman has been a cast member in “This is Not a Play About Sex” since her sophomore year. In the past, Colman has worked as an executive with the Colgate Activities Board and was a cast member in “The Vagina Monologues.”

After Colgate, Colman is planning on attending law school to pursue a J.D. in Human Rights. When asked what she will miss most about Colgate, Colman touched on the people she has met here.

“I’m going to miss the people. I never imagined how many incredible and inspiring people could be in a single place. I feel incredibly grateful for how much my community has helped me to grow and learn every day,” Colman said.

Colman’s words of wisdom for younger Colgate students speak to her sense that she has changed and grown during her years here. 

“I wish I knew that by senior year, many of my attitudes and opinions would completely change over the course of four years. I never imagined how much Colgate would shape me into who I am today, and I feel like I’m so much better for it. I feel like I’ve grown tremendously during my four years here. I would tell anyone at Colgate to be open to learning, listening and engaging with each other,” Colman said. 

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