Live Sustainably: Green Bikes At Colgate

Colgate is definitely not the most accessible campus, and walking from the Parker Apartments or from downtown can be difficult. The cruisers are not always reliable, either because they aren’t on time or are filled with students who also don’t want to make the trek up the hill. Carpooling can also be difficult to arrange and unreliable depending on your friends. That’s why Colgate has come up with a fantastic, new and sustainable solution to this problem: Green Bikes.

Green Bikes are available to rent out on a monthly basis for only $15. The fact that it’s monthly means you don’t have to pay for those months when there is ten feet of snow on the ground and you can barely walk, let alone think about riding a bike. If you don’t have a car, it’s much faster than walking, and saves you time during your morning commute.

Green Bikes are such an important addition to Colgate’s campus because they are sustainable. Bikes take less energy to produce than a car and require no toxic batteries or fuel. While this may not have the biggest impact in a small town such as Hamilton, it is important to think about the improvement of overall air quality from reduced greenhouse gas emissions. These are values that Colgate students will learn and take with them elsewhere, improving bigger, more densely populated and polluted cities. Bikes are also better than carpooling or taking the cruiser because no gas is used. It also saves you money because gas is expensive, whereas a simple $15 per month for two or three months out of the year is definitely worth it for the environment’s sake.

Forming sustainable habits is an important thing to think about in terms of bikes. If at first it seems more laborious and hard to ride your bike everyday, that’s simply because you aren’t used to it. Making biking a part of your daily ritual is as easy as making driving a part of your ritual. And if one day it’s raining or really hot or you’re just not feeling it, take a break and catch the cruiser.

Not only are bikes super important for the environment, they’re also really important for your health. Many people do not exercise every day, and especially as a student – where we can be sitting in class, lab or the library for long amounts of time – it is important to get that five, 10 or 15 minute bike ride in to help your body. You don’t have to bike up the giant hill, but biking from Parker or downtown can give you plenty of time to get that daily cardio in.

Why not make the effort to do your part for the environment and for your body? Contact Green Bikes at [email protected], grab a bike and get pedaling today!    

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