Minus the City: Starting the Year Off Right

Welcome to another year, and with that, another year of Minus the City. I’m excited to see how Colgate’s sex discourse unfolds over these next two semesters, and I hope to facilitate more positive and healthy conversations surrounding sexuality, sexual health and relationships. As we come back to campus, it’s true that a lot has changed: over 95% of Colgate community members are vaccinated, no universal quarantine, in-person classes, self-serving at the dining halls and a much more lenient mask mandate. All this normalcy coupled with the start of recruitment and masses of ragingly horny young adults seems like a recipe for another spike in cases. We see now that this has become true; Colgate reported a total of 44 active student cases as of Sept. 6. It is important that we stay cautious and wear masks despite the safety offered by the vaccine. Colgate’s unvaccinated community members and surrounding Hamiltonians deserve protection; we have come such a long way to let it go to waste. 

In any event, Colgate students will continue to congregate with or without masks, and the school’s rampant hookup culture persists. I urge you all to practice safe and healthy sex habits: use the appropriate contraceptives, prioritize consent and ensure the satisfaction and comfort of all parties involved. That being said, here is the rundown of sexual health resources across campus:

  • Free condoms can be found at many places on campus, including Student Health Services, the Center for Women’s Studies, LGBTQ+ initiative and Shaw Wellness Institute. A variety of brands are available, and inventory is not limited to condoms. You can also find hygienic products for menstruators and lubricants among other essential items. 
  • Student Health Services provides emergency contraception at a low cost. All you need to do is make an appointment.
  • Student Health Services also provides STI testing, Women’s Health exams and pregnancy tests. Appointments are also needed.
  • Generic birth control pills are available for purchase at Student Health Services, or prescriptions can be obtained for other contraceptive methods such as the NuvaRing, diaphragm and Depo-Provera. If these do not work for you, Student Health Services can refer you to outside clinicians.
  • Lastly, Student Health Services welcomes any questions you may have regarding your own sexual health. The community at Haven welcomes every survivor with open arms and will work with you to get you the support and resources that you need. 

It is a scary time for childbearing individuals throughout the country, especially in Texas. I am at a loss for words. At times like these, it is the fear of the unknown that can sometimes leave us paralyzed and hopeless. I urge you all to educate yourselves, stay informed and continue your activism. One of the best ways to get involved is by supporting Planned Parenthood. You can sign the pledge or you can make a donation through Planned Parenthood Texas. You can also get involved right here on campus by joining Colgate’s Planned Parenthood Generation Action.