Dining Services Reopen on Campus, With Fewer Restrictions


Valerie Deleon

DINING DIFFERENCES: The University made various changes to dining services this semester, including new staff members, different hours and food options.

As students returned for the Fall 2021 semester, dining services opened with changes from the previous year’s restrictions. Dining locations such as Donovan’s Pub and The O’Connor Campus Center will have new food options and all locations will operate under different hours.

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, staffing changes occurred around campus. According to the new Resident District Manager of Dining Services Don Stanwick, a shortage of staff and supply chain complications have required the university to limit hours of operation. 

By limiting these hours, dining staff can offer the same quality of food that they did before according to Stanwick, through with more limited hours. Frank Dining Hall will not return to its pre-pandemic 24/7 hours, and instead will be open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 12 a.m.

“We looked to try to still provide service for people to get food when they need it […] at the same time we just can’t do 24/7 anymore with the way staffing is, with the way food waste is,” Stanwick said.

Students have expressed concern about these limited hours, and a petition started by Senior Grace Darko urged for Frank to be open 24/7.

“I was made aware of the Colgate Dining’s upcoming changes the day before they would be finalized and it gave me a sinking feeling as I was being told that Frank would likely close at 10 p.m. in the upcoming year and maybe midnight at best, Darko said. “There were some stats given about short staffing and low attendance in Frank at night that justified it, but it still felt like a terrible idea.” 

In addition to the amended hours, locations such as Merrill House and the C-Store will no longer be available. The former C-Store offered grab-and-go meals and snacks, while the Merrill House served restaurant-style meals in a sit-down setting.

Although hours of operation will be limited, Dining Services has opened new options for dining and maintained many of the same options around campus. Sono will offer Latin American cuisine at Donovan’s Pub from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m Monday through Friday, a change from its previous location at the Edge Cafe, according to Stanwick. In addition, grab-and-go style smoothies and deli sandwiches will be available in the O’Connor Campus Center until 8 p.m. on weekdays. 

“I think the school is doing a good job with their dining options so far this year. Every time I have gone to the dining hall I have found an option,” sophomore Hayden Gilbert said.

Boost Mobile Ordering will be available for dining options again this year, in an attempt to keep dining locations less crowded with more opportunities for take-out.

“The options when you order (on Boost Mobile) will be dine-in or to go […] because we’re trying to keep the crowds from forming at the window […] and people are already used to using the app so it makes it really convenient,” Stanwick said.

Along with these logistical changes to dining services, new staff members wish to foster an environment in which students feel comfortable expressing their opinions about dining on campus. According to Stanwick, this will include increasing student employment in the dining services and focusing on student feedback to foster a comfortable environment for all students.