Around the Hill: Who will be the NBA Finals MVP?

By Eric Fishbin

National Sports Editor

It is easy and fun to remind Golden State Warriors fans about last year’s collapse in the NBA Finals. However, this team is better than last year’s squad and the Dubs will win the title this season. The difficult question to answer is whether the MVP award will go to Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant.

You can argue that Curry’s scoring will be the difference in the series; you can argue that Durant’s added spark will be the determining factor and will earn him MVP. However, the 2017 NBA Finals MVP will be neither Curry nor Durant. Catch-and-shoot superstar Klay Thompson will be the recipient of the Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP Award.

Thompson will take home the hardware because of his high-efficiency shooting and lockdown defense. It is likely that this year’s finals will be the third showdown of LeBron James’ Cavaliers and Curry’s Warriors. Because of this, Thompson will need to shut James down at times and Kyrie too. If Thompson’s defense is at his peak ability, the Cavs’ superstars will have a tough time finding open looks. It is said that good defense leads to better offense.

Thompson’s defensive work will likely translate to him shooting at a better rate on the opposite side of the floor. The Warriors will be able to play at their best level if Thompson is knocking down every open look and playing great defense. Get on the Thompson-for-MVP train.

By Ian Beck

Maroon-News Staff

Year after year there is no question: whichever team LeBron James is on is going to the NBA Finals. Especially with Kevin Durant on the Warriors this year, it is going to be tough for LeBron to win his fourth title, but I think he is going to get some help from this year’s NBA Finals MVP: Kyrie Irving.

Arguably the MVP of last year’s Finals, Irving has the skills and scoring ability to win himself this year’s MVP. For one, LeBron is going to be neutralized by the Warriors’ defense most definitely.

With Durant on him and with help defense, I foresee LeBron having trouble scoring and instead doing a lot of passing out to the three-point line. That is why I think Kyrie will have the better chance of winning the MVP. With Steph Curry’s abysmal defense and no Warrior big men, combined with Irving’s filthy handles and speed, the rim is for the taking for Kyrie.

Other top consideration, Kevin Durant in my opinion is also going to have a great NBA Finals. His scoring ability is unbelieveable when paired with Curry and Thompson, but Durant is not clutch. I will repeat that: Kevin Durant is not clutch. When the game is on the line, I am going to take the neutralizing power of LeBron James’ defense over Durant’s shooting ability. Another possible MVP candidate is Steph Curry. After a quiet year from the reigning MVP, Steph has not been shooting that great. With a tougher road to the finals I just do not see the Warriors winning it all, and therefore I do not see Steph Curry with the Finals MVP.

By Conor Oliver

Maroon-News Staff

Since the outset of this NBA season, it has appeared to be a foregone conclusion that the Finals will feature a rematch of last year’s historic series between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Golden State, with the offseason signing of Kevin Durant, look locked in to making the Finals. Even with young teams such as the Portland Trail Blazers promising a difficult path, they will likely make it.

Cleveland, on the other hand, has stumbled towards the end of the season. However, the rest of the Eastern Conference lacks the quality to go against LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love in a seven-game series. They should make the Finals as well, though I would not be surprised by an upset.

So, the Finals MVP will go to either a Warrior or a Cavalier. If the level of play is anything like it was last year, we are in for a highly competitive series featuring some of the best talents in basketball. Defensive stars such as Draymond Green or even LeBron will seek to stop the offensive talent on the floor. However, there is one player that seems to be unguardable: Kevin Durant.

The Warrior’s new best player, Durant, came to Golden State hungry for a championship. With his insane ability to get a good shot against any defender, Durant will be integral in avenging last season’s Finals result.

Thompson and Curry will always occupy two defenders, and if they struggle, Durant will seize the opportunity to take over the series and win the

Finals MVP.