Women’s Hour at Trudy

This semester, Shaw Wellness Institute, The Center for Women’s Studies, SGA, Haven and Commons 2 have implemented “Women’s Hour,” a time carved out specifically to educate women on weight lifting and strength training in Trudy Fitness Center, to encourage female use of the weight room. 

Senior Hannah Bercovici, the Positive Sexuality Liaison for Colgate’s SGA, discussed the initiative and its significance among Colgate women. 

“The weight room during normal gym hours is incredibly male-centric. Even during off hours, it can be too intimidating for women to infiltrate that space,” Bercovici said.

She explained that many women discussed the topic in social circles. Despite this, it was not until recently that the topic was added to the SGA agenda. While “Women’s Hour” is just one hour a week for now, the initiative is meant to promote women’s use of the weight room outside this time as a part of their normal workout routine. 

“As of now, the program is set indefinitely in hopes that it will change many women’s approach to the weight room in the long term,” Bercovici said. “My main goal is to create safe spaces on campus for people who do not always feel safe due to hierarchies of oppression.” 

Sophomore Cate Barber, a Center for Women’s Studies intern was delighted by the introduction of this new Student Government initiative.

“It is an awesome opportunity for women to come to the Trudy Fitness Center and feel completely comfortable lifting weights and working out. It is also very empowering,” Barber said.

All women are encouraged to attend “Women’s Hour” every Sunday from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Trudy Fitness Center.