Minus the City: Just Wing It

Everyone is familiar with the term “wingman.” Guys go out in pairs or groups and work as a team to hook up with people. This is seen often in movies and TV in situations where the “bros” are looking to “get laid” with some “hot babes.” I gagged a little writing that sentence, but you get the idea. I’m confused, though, why this practice is not utilized by women, especially the ladies of  ’Gate. 

It’s not that women are without wingwoman idols to look up to –– Leslie Knope in “Parks and Recreation” is a dedicated wingwoman to her friend Ann (“Oh Ann, you beautiful spinster, I will find you love”), and Cher in “Clueless” endeavors tirelessly to find her friend Tai the right man. These are well-known female characters who show concern for their friends’ romantic and sexual needs. Imagine if we all had a Cher or a Leslie; the world would be bursting at the seams with love. 

Of course, that’s a sugarcoated perspective of the world and is not necessarily reflective of the hookup culture at Colgate. Colgate’s sexual scene is centered around parties at the Jug, frats and few other alternatives, and although there are more women than men on this campus, there is an understanding that men are the dominant force in these social spheres. Girls stay together in groups, and guys take stock of their options before moving in on a selected target. At best it feels weird, and at worst it feels predatory. Girls go out with the same intentions as boys, but we play on the defensive. We come up with strategies to get our friends away from guys they don’t want to be with and stay close together to make sure everyone gets home safe. 

I don’t mean to sound like your fourth grade soccer coach, but the best defense is a good offense. Girls using the wingwoman method would be a radically different approach to the hookup culture, and a much healthier one at that. The current trends are too passive –– girls seek to avoid the guys they don’t want rather than going for the ones that they do want. Obviously, it’s much scarier to express interest in someone rather than waiting for someone to come to you, but it’s a meager sacrifice for having more control over your sexual encounters. 

Wingwomen are the MVPs of the offensive strategy. They can provide a different perspective on a confusing situation (did he just bump into me or is he trying to dance on me  –– the wingwoman would know). As your friend, she has a vested interest in your health and safety, so as much as she will encourage you to dance with or talk to someone, she can also be your scapegoat from awkward or unwanted attention.  

Let’s aim to be like Cher, with wingwomen by our sides. Not prudes, just highly selective.