After Snow Postpones Original Event, SGA Hosts Spring Student Involvement Fair

Originally scheduled to take place on Feb. 3, the semester-tradition Student Involvement Fair was postponed due to inclement weather to Feb. 8, when it took place in the Huntington Gymnasium, according to an email from Parna Shakouri, the Student Government Association’s (SGA) Liaison to Student Organizations. The semesterly tradition takes place in the first weeks of each semester, usually held on the quad during the fall and inside during the spring. Student organizations set up tables promoting their organizations and recruiting students to join. 

The unfavorable weather conditions on the originally scheduled date, which prompted the University to cancel classes held before 9:20 a.m., including heavy snowfall and ice, prompted the decision to postpone the fair out of concern for attendance and availability of event staff, according to Shakouri.

“We were watching the weather the entire week and trying to see what the prediction was for that day. It was a group decision…we were definitely keeping an eye on the weather and thought that more people would show up if the weather was nicer,” Shakouri said. “We really care about the safety of the people who were going to drive the tables and chairs up.”

Approximately 100 student organizations participated in the fair this semester, including several new organizations founded last semester, according to Shakouri. Among them were the Colgate Grilling Club, Colgate Disability Activists, Colgate Beats and Bars  and Go+, a club to provide opportunities to learn Asian board games.

Esther Rosbrook, Director of ALANA Cultural Center, who advise 21 student organizations, said she sympathized with the decision to postpone the fair. 

“When we go to the student involvement fair, we always have brochures, extra shirts, table cloths, if people don’t have cars it would be hard for our student leaders to carry all these things to the Huntington Gym,” Rosbrook said.

Sophomore Ellie Markwick, who alternated between the WRCU, Model UN, and Colgate Vote Project tables at the fair, explained the importance of holding Colgate’s traditional student involvement fair.

“I think a lot of the clubs are about community and connecting with each other,” Markwick said. I know especially in the clubs that I’m a part of we try to have social events outside of the regular meetings that we do, and opportunities for people to meet with similar interests.”

Sophomore William Crounse, a member of Colgate’s John Quincy Adams Society, echoed similar sentiments about the importance of the fair in strengthening community.

“I think it’s a really great way for people to explore interests and to get involved in things they may not have been aware of,” Crounse said. “I think it’s a great way to strengthen the community and get more people involved in the things they are interested in.”

The overall turnout of this semester’s involvement fair was much higher than expected at a spring involvement fair, usually less popular than in the fall, according to Shakouri.

“I would say the turnout is impressive, it was packed until the very end” said Shakouri. “In comparison to prior pre-Covid years the turnout was definitely impressive.”