The Best Study Spot on Campus: Frank Dining Hall

Most Colgate students have their go-to study spot; some people love the silence of the library, others the coziness of the O’Connor Campus Center (Coop), and some just prefer to work in the comfort of their own room. Since my first semester at Colgate, I have gone through phases with a variety of study locations from the 4th floor of the library to the bridge of Persson Hall. But time and time again, I come back to the best study spot of all: Frank Dining Hall. 

As someone with a relatively short attention span, when I do my work, I take breaks every 20 minutes. When I study at the library, the Ho Science Center or any quiet spot, my study breaks consist of scrolling through social media or watching videos on my phone. After spending about 20 minutes on my phone, my motivation to complete my work has further decreased. While I do love my phone, I cannot deny that it sucks the life out of me. However, Frank is a pretty bustling location on campus, with people coming in and out, so when I am working at Frank and need a brain break, there is always someone to socialize with. After some laughs and reassuring words with friends, I feel energized and ready to begin my work again. While there are other study spots on campus where talking is permitted, the buzzing nature of Frank makes it an exciting and motivating place to work. If you want someone to talk to, you can almost always find someone you know; if you want to focus on your work, you can put in headphones and tune everything out. 

Another reason my energy is always high in Frank is because of the unlimited food, and more importantly, the unlimited coffee. As a raging caffeine addict, I need at least four cups of coffee to get me through the day. When studying, I use coffee as a benchmark. For example, if I finish 30 pages of reading, I reward myself with a coffee. If I am at the library, I have to go through the tedious process of placing an order through the Boost App, waiting for the “Your order is ready!” email and trudging up the stairs to the Chobani Cafe. However, when I am in need of a pick-me-up at Frank, I can simply stand up, walk to the coffee station, and fill my cup. While there is unlimited coffee at the Coop as well, Frank also has the specialty coffee station, where you can customize your drink however you would like. Whether I want a double shot almond milk latte with extra ice or a chai latte with soy milk and vanilla, the baristas are always accommodating and eager to make whatever I want. As for the food, having access to a variety of snacks makes it much easier to push through my work. After I finish my English writing response, I’ll reward myself with a cookie or snack on some fries while I work on my international relations reading.

Frank is also in a very convenient location for most students who live on campus. Whether you live on the main quad or in Bryan Complex, where I live, Frank is no more than a seven minute walk away. On days when I am tired, the thought of trekking to the library or the Coop is just unfathomable. Frank is close enough to my dorm that no matter how sluggish I am, I can get myself there. 

I will not deny that Frank can get pretty loud and busy at times. During prime lunch and dinner hours, it can be difficult to find a table and the lines for food get pretty long. But after much trial and error, I have figured out Frank’s quiet hours: Before 11 a.m., between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. and anytime after 9 p.m. At these times, many tables are empty, the music is playing at a low volume and it is a peaceful and motivating place to grind out some work.