SGA Prioritizes Changes to Cruiser Routes

This fall, the Student Government Association (SGA) has focused on making improvements to the Colgate Cruiser system in order to benefit those who rely on it as a form of transportation around campus and throughout the greater Hamilton community. 

Spearheaded by the Cruiser Feedback Committee, a group of eight individuals ranging from first-years to seniors, and the Director of Purchasing for the University Alan Leonard, the group has been primarily addressing major concerns about the timing of the cruisers as it relates to class schedules for students. Information regarding the concerns about the cruisers has been collected via a cruiser feedback link, which allows students to provide comments on the overall operation and timeliness of the cruisers.

In Spring 2016, the Cruiser Feedback Committee, SGA and Leonard hired a consultant to review the current cruiser routes and make recommendations for improvements to the routes to address concerns mentioned by students. Over the last several weeks, these three have reviewed the proposal and met with the consultant again to express desired changes within the proposal. Once finalized by these three parties and the consultant, the proposed changes to the cruiser routes will be reviewed by campus leadership for potential implementation.

Leonard offered insight on the matter and shared his opinion on how these new ideas can help the cruisers to operate in a superior manner.

“The first review in many years occurred just a few years ago. Those adjustments were also made with the help of SGA and students along with the cruiser operator at the time. By using a consultant that specializes in development of routes, we hope that we can find more improvements and efficiencies that will help to address the transit needs of our campus,” Leonard said.

Student Body President senior Matthew Swain also shared a positive outlook on the proposed changes.

“The change in the cruiser schedule and routes is a long overdue change at Colgate. For a long time the cruisers have run inefficiently. While it will inevitably take some getting used to at first, the new cruiser routes will get more people to where they need to be faster and more efficiently. There will be significantly improved coverage for athletes, students residing in the townhouses and those seeking to travel back and forth from places like Price Chopper and the bookstore. The SGA is very confident that these changes are going to produce positive results in the long run,” Swain said.

The SGA, Leonard and the Cruiser Feedback Committee will continue to work to promote the safest and most time efficient operation of the cruiser system that has historically served as an integral means of transportation among many individuals within the student body during the coming weeks and months.

“I truly hope that when it is completed, we have an efficient and cost effective solution to meeting the transit needs for our entire campus as well as the local community. Especially important to me is a solution that will address as many of the concerns brought to us by our student body over the last couple years as possible,” Leonard said.